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Luxembourg Legend Of Melusina The Mermaid

While honoring my Ethiopian Wanderlust here in Luxembourg, wandering beneath The Montée de Clausen along the stream of river Alzette, one could not help noticing beautiful but sad looking purple mermaid. My sense of wonder took over and fortunately being … Continue reading

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Bamboo Furniture Stores Of Addis Ababa

Bamboo is a resource that grows copiously throughout Ethiopia.  This Eco friendly material, is also gaining its much deserved arty expose, through the production of pieces of furniture and crafts products in the city of Addis Ababa. Many of the bamboo furniture … Continue reading

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A Glimpse Of Ethiopian Beauty

Starting from the world acclaimed beautiful people to the most amazingly spectacular little birds, simply beauty is everywhere in Ethiopia.  From all the beautiful things Ethiopia blessed with, I pick two of my favorites. For me, Birds and Zebras are … Continue reading

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Pottery In Addis Ababa

“Ensera” is the traditional water pot that has got unique place in Ethiopia.  Especially in rural areas, women and girls carrying it and walking miles to fetch water from the streaming river, using it in their house holds to keep … Continue reading

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