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Difo Dabo: Ethiopian Holiday Staple

It is that time of year again to be carried away by the smell of warming, earthy and fresh baking bread coming out from almost every Ethiopian house hold … waking up our sense of smell, spurring memories and filling … Continue reading

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Leddet: Ethiopian Christmas Celebration

  The celebration of Ethiopian Christmas (Leddet or Genna in Amharic) is venerated by several activities such as horse racing, Yegena Chewata (a kind of hockey), Gugs (a kind of polo) and attending mesmerizing church service that goes on throughout … Continue reading

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Asina Gennaye: The Everlasting Ethiopian Christmas Song

Ethiopian Christmas which is called Ledet or Genna in Amharic is usually falls on January 7th in the Gregorian calendar and that means 3 more days to go for Ethiopians to celebrate Genna (Ethiopian Christmas). From the many exciting things … Continue reading

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Spellbinding Murals From Ethiopia’s Ancient Orthodox Churches

In honoring the Holiday Spirit, I thought nothing would be more appropriate than presenting mesmerizing biblical themed murals which embellishes the walls and ceiling of many Ethiopia’s orthodox churches and monasteries located in different parts of the country. Church murals are one … Continue reading

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