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Ethiopia In Luxembourg

On one winter day, here in Europe, nostalgia took me to a hidden gem, where I experienced home away from home. Approximately forty minute drive – From Luxembourg city to small town in northwestern Luxembourg known as Heiderscheid – which … Continue reading

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KOLO: The Cherished Ethiopian Snack

Ethiopia has an innate and fascinating history of grain based culinary tradition.  Accordingly many Ethiopian knows how to indulge their body and soul with different kinds of nutritious and healthy grains whether by making a national staple food out of … Continue reading

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Injera: The Ethiopian National Staple

Talking about Injera, I just cannot help to choose and start this particular post with one of my favorite pictures of “Ethiopian birds relishing Injera”.  I must say, it is one of exclusive moments, can only be captured in the … Continue reading

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Doro Wot: Traditional Ethiopian Holiday Cuisine

Addis Ababa is still surrounded by the holiday spirit and the festivity is going to continue till this Sunday, so I think it is the perfect time to talk about the Ethiopian national dish “Doro Wot”.  Food plays very important … Continue reading

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