Circular Walk Luxembourg City

From the 201 circular walks guide book of Luxembourg, I picked the 6.2 km long trail within Luxembourg city in order to honor wanderlust.

The reward was discovering the beautiful Luxembourg city and here is a video showing the highlights from the circular walk of Luxembourg city.


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Dräikinneksdag: The Day Of The Three Kings

galette des rois 2

On January 6th while I was celebrating Ethiopian Christmas eve in the Grand Duchy, my Ethiopian gastronomic journey here in Europe brings yet another traditional treat on my plate.

Galette des rois is a pastry tart, which traditionally eaten here in Luxembourg on the feast of the Epiphany, to commemorate the The Three Wise Men or Kings, who traveled to visit Jesus after his birth, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

The pastry tart comes with golden cardboard crown, for a person who finds the bean (a figurine) in a piece of tart, to wear as an entitlement of being king or queen for the day.

Fortunately, a colorful little figurine was hiding in my piece of delicious tart and I was being able to make a beautiful memory of being a queen for the day.

galette des rois

Food and Memories!

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Christmas: Chocolate Yule Log With Ethiopian Coffee

Yule Log and Ethiopian Coffee

It’s one of the eloquent details of interracial marriage, where two cultures come together, to create something unique.

This traditional combination emanates from a home, where two Christmas celebrations are taking place on different days.

Besides Dec 25th Christmas celebration, Ethiopian Christmas (Genna), which takes place on January 7, is the second Christmas celebration for this household somewhere in Europe.

Yule Log and Ethiopian Coffee 2

A chocolate Yule Log (Bûche de Noël), traditionally eaten in France and Belgium as a Christmas desert. In this household it’s known as ‘Kerstsronk’ in Flemish.

Flemish usually pare this traditional Christmas desert with coffee and this is when a traditional Ethiopian coffee (ye Jebena Bunna) comes in – representing an Ethiopian and a Flemish celebrating Christmas as one.

Merry Christmas!


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Michelangelo: Madonna of Bruges

Bruges Madonna Michelangelo 1Bruges Madonna Michelangelo 2

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FLAMMLACHS: Flame Salmon At Christmas Market In Luxembourg

Christmas Market Luxembourg City 1

As the season suggests, my Ethiopian Gastronomic Journey took place at Christmas markets in Luxembourg City – from the traditional Place d’Armes to the historically vibrant Place De La Constitution.

The Winterlights Festival of Luxembourg City creates a magical colorful wonderland, to wander through the city in spite of the cold weather, as the city is embellished with 560,000 bulbs and almost 45 kilometers of lighting according to the City Magazine.

Its five Christmas markets spread out in the city, awakens all the senses and actuates a warming holiday spirit to rise from within, by providing a seasonal artisan and gastronomic journey from the cheese dish (Raclette) of France and Switzerland to the Hungarian Chimney Cake (Kürtőskalács).

Christmas market Luxembourg City 2Christmas Market luxembourg City 3

Starting with the obvious and must have Luxembourg’s traditional Christmas market treat. Gromperkichichelcher (potato fritters) is savory, crispy and warmly soft within, pared with the sweetness of Apfelmus (Apple Sauce) is an experience by itself.

Christmas Market Luxembourg City 4

I love having this treat at the lively Place d’Armes square of Luxembourg, which usually transforms into a very inspiring tradition vitrine disguised as Christmas market during the holiday season, while creating everlasting memories with Christmas songs sounded from the stage – turned out to be the sound track of that particular experience.

The other Christmas market at Place de la Constitution market has its very own unique character. From Ferris wheel to a giant pyramid in which tracing back its origin can take you way back to the ore mountain region of Germany.

Wooden chalets surrounding Luxembourg’s signature the Golden Lady (Gëlle Fra) providing memorable experience of artisan and gastronomic journey and this is where I found a gem for my Ethiopian gastronomic journey and to add up another eloquent detail in my travel food memoir.

One particular wooden chalet, which prepares a unique treat and which turns out to be my favorite. My sense of smell lead me to this particular wooden chalet with a sign board of Flammlachs.

Christmas Market Luxembourg city 5The smoke coming from flame salmon board where salmon being cooked with open flame suggests warmth and home which reminded me the smoke smell coming out of houses preparing holiday treats back home.

Standing on line, watching the food you are going to eat being prepared and feeling the warmth of the flame and the crackling fire place sound definitely prepares you for unique experience at the Christmas market.

Christmas Market Luxembourg city 6

Two ways to enjoy this treat one as a sandwich and one on a plate. The delicate, luscious pink salmon cooked to perfection crumbled into pieces served with refreshing lettuce, slice of lime for citron flavor, cherry tomatoes for color and nourishment and last but not least the condiment – fresh cream with honey and mustard for sweet, savory and creamy taste. I would say it’s a complete dish, which I found as a healthier alternative to enjoy Christmas market.

Christmas market would not be complete without mulled wine (Glühwein). Having a choice between red and white mulled wine at Luxembourg’s Christmas markets actuated me to think as it is a unique experience.

Christmas Market Luxembourg City 7

As the season changes from warm to cold, I notice red wine replace white wine. Chilled, dry, and pale green white wine of Luxembourg suggests summer, endless vineyards and the Moselle region of Luxembourg for me. Now because of this refreshing experience of having Luxembourg’s very own white wine transformed into warmly sweet and burst with flavors of spices also suggests – Luxembourg in winter.

Christmas Market Luxembourg City 8

Happy Holidays!

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Belgium: Christmas Market Bruges

Bruges, Christmas Market and Brussels Waffle.

Happy Holiday!

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Boxemännchen: Luxembourg’s Traditional Treat Of St. Nicholas Day

My Ethiopian gastronomic journey here in Luxembourg City, presents yet another delicious and full of character treat on my plate.

“This magical, marvelous food on our plate, this sustenance we absorb, has a story to tell. It has a journey.” Joel Salatin

Boxemännchen, deliciously opened the gate into a legend, history and tradition of St. Nicholas Day in Luxembourg city, as I believe food is the key to open the gate into another culture.

Boxemännchen St. Nicholas Day Luxembourg

In celebration of stories behind a particular dish.

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