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Hidar: Annual Feast of The Archangel St. Michael

Hidar is the third month of a yearly Ethiopian calendar which contains thirteen months.  It’s a month when the spirit of new beginning celebration gives away to the anticipation and preparation of the coming big events and celebrations – Genna … Continue reading

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Gulban: Ethiopian Last Supper

Here in Ethiopian Tselote Hamus (Last Supper) is being honored by preparing Gulban – a simple traditional dish made out of wheat grain and Ethiopian Fava Beans. It is at this time of year that family, loved ones, neighbors and … Continue reading

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Leddet: Ethiopian Christmas Celebration

The celebration of Ethiopian Christmas (Leddet or Genna in Amharic) is venerated by several activities such as horse racing, Yegena Chewata (a kind of hockey), Gugs (a kind of polo) and attending mesmerizing church service that goes on throughout the … Continue reading

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