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Veurne: The Beautiful Market Square Of Belgium

It was lovey to discover one of the most beautiful market squares of Belgium in relaxed Veurne. The market square (Grote Markt in Flemish) is so captivating, as it is surrounded by impressive postcard like buildings. Here besides church bells, … Continue reading

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Luxembourg Through ETHIOPIAN Eyes

Spectacular architecture! My adventure of discovering LUXEMBOURG continues….

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PIASSA: Addis Ababa’s Mesmeric Old Town II

The first episode of this virtual tour of Addis Ababa’s Mesmeric Old Town – Piassa – as the locals would call it, brought to me a challenging but inspiring opportunity of actually escorting visitors of Ethiopia from Germany into my world. … Continue reading

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ETHIOPIA: Romancing HOME through TRAVEL!

“Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.”  Anatole France Home Sweet Home… I live for moments like these!

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PIAZZA: Addis Ababa’s Mesmeric Old Town I

Piazza is the heart of Addis Ababa and the old neighborhood which still captures the spirit of the past that invites for exploration. This picturesque Old town’s name is a legacy of the Italian Occupation (1936 – 41 G.C.), thus … Continue reading

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ITEGUE TAITU: The First Hotel Of Ethiopia

As Addis Ababa is a heterogeneous city that provides an exciting opportunity to wander through the past and the present simultaneously for its zealous visitors, I thought it would be appropriate to pick one interesting spot from many Addis Ababa’s … Continue reading

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Harar: Where The French Poet Once Lived In

The fascinating Harar’s old walled town, which locally known as Jegol pleads adventure. From one of the many sites of interest that Jegol (old walled town) encompasses; one really transports daredevil travelers graciously, to an era when a renowned French … Continue reading

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