Grietfilet and Dame Blanche In West Flanders

food and memoir

The Dutch word Grietfilet which simply means Brill fillet but for me it’s a reminder of how living my life in different and interesting places can be a very humbling experience – from figuring out what’s on the menu to learning how to order food from a scratch because it’s different language and things work differently from place to place.

Food is an experience indeed and usually the meal we have comes with interesting stories which is going to turn into memories if we are present enough to honor the details and savor the meal.

künefe obviously reminds me Istanbul (Turkey) as Tiramisu can take me back to Venice (Italy). Well in Belgium I usually tend to go for La Dame Blanche as it’s a classic Belgian dessert which usually reminds me that I am in chocolate world because of its special warm chocolate sauce served with Vanilla ice cream and whipped cream to be drizzled up on.

On one sunny but chilly and windy Autumn Sunday afternoon, a family gathered in a local restaurant with private dining party rooms in Zuienkerke – the municipality of four villages in west Flanders – to celebrate 50th marriage anniversary. The home feel like cozy restaurant with big beautiful garden is where locals not only wine and dine but celebrate big occasions like marriage or birthday with family and friends and goes by the name of De Grote Stove (The Big Stove).

Besides children, grandchildren and in-laws, the Mayor of the municipality honored the ceremony by reading short overview of how these two souls meet somewhere a nearby Brugge (Bruges) and their journey together so far to reach this monumental golden year of marriage.

Obviously food is a powerful key to connect people, the family gather in one big dining table to share a meal in celebration of love somewhere in West Flanders and this is when Grietfilet happened to be on my table and forever to be remembered.

The flatfish with dark brown skin cooked to perfection to savor its white, creamy and sweet underside with a good bite of its firm texture. The savory sauce with hand peeled Belgian grey shrimps and mushroom takes this dish to the next level. The comforting and creamy mash potato definitely complemented this divine experience of this particular meal energized with beautiful memories and good times with family.

And this is a tribute to Food and Memories.

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I am a traveler... on an endless journey of self-discovery!
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