Veurne: The Beautiful Market Square Of Belgium

Veurne Belgium 1

It was lovey to discover one of the most beautiful market squares of Belgium in relaxed Veurne. The market square (Grote Markt in Flemish) is so captivating, as it is surrounded by impressive postcard like buildings.

Here besides church bells, the sound that comes from the Belfry imprint musical memories in the heart. The surrounding coffee shops and restaurants within beautiful buildings are so inviting to sit and admire the square while seeping hot chocolate or beer at the terrace.

Veurne Belgium 2

It was in the morning, so I ordered chocolate milk as I usually do in Belgium. I wanted to have hot chocolate with shot of coffee which I had in one of the cafe’s in Brugge (Bruges), absolutely loved it but slowly realize not all the cafe’s serve hot chocolate like that.

After having a conversation about my preference with the waitress, I finally decide to have the chocolate milk and espresso separately. I didn’t know what to expect besides the facts I learned that Veurne is the place for foodies, quality products and of course Chocolate and Belgium is a marriage made in heaven.

Unlike previous experience, this time I got little balls of dark chocolate, milk and whipped cream separately, and the espresso accompanied with little pastry filled with beautiful golden yellow Advocaat – a traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage. Besides being small, its eye grabbing color, the strong taste in spite of being creamy in combination with little crunchy pastry, it was strong enough to awaken the senses and I thought how traveling can be a very humbling experience while continue learning.

Veurne Belgium 3

Actually, the yellow smiley little pot with one of my favorite plants on the table also helped to brighten up the day and maybe that’s one of the reasons which influenced my decision to pick the cafe in the first place and it was worth it as I had great time making my own hot chocolate in one of the most beautiful market squares in Belgium with great views of impressive buildings and having the Belfry melody as a sound track of this beautiful experience.

Veurne Belgium 4Veurne Belgium 5

Admiring Veurne’s marvelous building and relish in architecture from old court of justice (Landhuis/Gerechtshof), belfry (Belfort), town hall to the 15th– century Spanish Pavilion. And visiting two beautiful churches like the magnificent and lavishly decorated Sint Walburga Church and the simply beautiful Sint-Niklaaskerk church  adds to the charm.

Veurne Belgium 6Veurne Belgium 7Veurne Belgium 8Veurne Belgium 9

On top of its very own culture and history, Veurne paves the way beautifully to charming villages nearby like Beauvoorde, Lo-Reninge and Alveringem.

Veurne Belgium 10Veurne Belgium 11

Since I wanted to continue with relishing in architecture and history, I Picked Beauvoorde as it is a home to Beauvoorde Castle.

Veurne Belgium 12Veurne Belgium 13

History, culture and beautiful architecture all to be enjoyed in Veurne.



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