La Moselle: The Vineyard Heaven Of Luxembourg

My Ethiopian wanderlust takes me to Friet Museum (Belgian Fries), Beer and Chocolate museum in Brugge, Belgium and to Irish Whisky Museum in Dublin, Ireland – which interestingly leads to deep appreciation of every component that is making up the whole picture in history and culture of a particular country. And now the time has come to Wine. As a wine lover I grab the exiting opportunity life presents fanatically.

Musel Luxembourg 1It’s a journey to honor a passion of tracing back to the source, to dive into culture and history, to caress the divine detail and to learn the art of  life.

Musel Luxembourg 2

It’s a journey spurred from a cosmic urge of discovering Luxembourg via edible bucket list. The elegant dining scene of Luxembourg City presents from clear pale yellow to golden green mostly dry white wines – from direct flavor of Elbling to sweet Resiling. And the sparkling Crémant de Luxembourg – which I enjoy the most in one of the cafe’s around the atmospheric Place d’Armes – is the one which creates a unique and exciting experience of Luxembourg, with its crispy and refreshing sharpness which suggests summer and celebration.

Musel Luxembourg 3

The actualization of this wanderlust and to make it even more enjoyable I had to combine three of my favored leisure activities – walking, being in nature and of course traveling. Being one of my passions, I embarked up on an exciting adventure of discovering Luxembourg via different kinds of beautifully set up and well organized trails in different parts of the country.

Guide auto- pédestre Luxembourg 201 Circuits pédestres (201 circular walks) is the one I favored. For this particular thematic journey, I obviously picked the wine route (route du vie) in a region named after the river which cross through France, Germany and Luxembourg – Musel ( La Moselle in France).

Luxembourg’s Musel region is 20 k from Luxembourg City to southeast. The particular trail I picked is 5.3 Km – Short but Sweet – in Bech-Kleinmacher village near the Musel river of Luxembourg.

It’s a journey start at the tranquil, picturesque village – Bech – Kleinmacehr – on the banks of Luxembourg’s Musel valley, embraced by the impressive vineyard looking over the romantic Musel river of Luxembourg. The Gothic architecture of a church with noticeably pointed arch greets and paves the way to narrow allies of beautifully tranquil village which swiftly takes to the vineyards while admiring captivating winegrower’s houses.Musel Luxembourg 5

Climbing the slope of Scheierbierg while rolling through the vineyard, is a thrilling experience as it is witnessing the art of farming and breathing soul cleansing sweet air. The orderly planted Grapevines is a symphony of order which inspires inner peace. I couldn’t help being able to contemplate and open my eyes to see the precious sweat, labor of love, dedication and patience put on the wide and endless it seem vineyard.

Musel Luxembourg 6Deep green grape leaves and slowing ripening, bunch of hanging light green grapes suggests life, affluence, blessing, Jesus turning water to wine, good food, celebration and art of dining. The landscape created by human start to open the veils on every stage of the hill.Musel Luxembourg 7Looking down the village through orderly standing grapevine plants leads to the pockets of scenes of the village. Looking up it leads the eyes straight to the blue sky on warm summer day of July. Getting higher while rolling through the vineyard, another impressive scenery presents itself – the pretty village being at the stage of the arena and the vineyard its spectators.

The trail includes two historical and cultural points of interest near the route. Gallo – Roman tomb is one of the vestiges of Roman Empire in Luxembourg.

Musel Luxembourg 8This rebuilt funeral chamber of the roman was surrounded by different kinds of flowers and orchards. It takes climbing a stair to reach it and every step paved by the aroma of the flowers. The destination is as rewarding as it is topped with spectacular view over the village, Musel River and afar.

Musel Luxembourg 9The circular walk takes back to where it started and before the end of the trail back at Bech – Kelmacher village awaits the very interesting “A Possen” Folklore and wine museum for a perfect finish of this beautiful wine trail.

Musel Luxembourg 10

Time to dive in the culture and history of the village winegrower’s life within the 17th century building where folklore made visible.

Musel Luxembourg 11Musel Luxembourg 12From old collection of dolls to impressive details of wine making and viticulture of the region. The rooms with squeaky wooden floor and musty smell with thoughtfully displayed everyday life actually takes its visitors back in time.

Musel Luxembourg 13Musel Luxembourg 14

“Learning the art of Life is a bit like learning the art of wine. One sip at a time.” Sarah Ban Breathnach Romancing The ordinary, a year of simple splendour.

Musel Luxembourg 15

Cheers to the art of life!


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