Istanbul: Memorable Backdrop Of Travelogue

Istanbul 1Istanbul 2Istanbul 3Istanbul 4Istanbul 5

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I am a traveler... on an endless journey of self-discovery!
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3 Responses to Istanbul: Memorable Backdrop Of Travelogue

  1. Is this a long long way from Ethiopia, or are there similarities?

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    • Sara Genene says:

      First I must say it is always good to have you here.
      It’s a very interesting question you asked as it made me to think.
      Well from all the places I have visited so far in Europe, without a doubt I found Istanbul to deliver a unique experience and of course it’s a place where surprisingly I discover few details which I can relate with somehow as an Ethiopian traveler.

      Turkish coffee – as an Ethiopian from the birth place of coffee and having a culture which revere coffee in a very unique way, it was refreshing to experience unique way of brewing and serving coffee in another world.

      The Grand Bazaar – again as an Ethiopian from where the largest open air market in Africa – Merkato exist, The Grand Bazaar In Istanbul was another thrilling experience which made me feel to the point I was at home with some similar details both markets share even though both exist in different parts of the world.

      Ottoman Turkish – discovering few similar words and meanings with my native language Amharic being used in Istanbul was a thrilling experience which actuated me to trace back history to find out those few words was the remaining legacy of Ottoman Turkish which was influenced by Persian and Arabic and Arabic being from the same language group as Amharic.

      Well, these are the few details I found similar and I hope it helps!


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