Historic Italian Car in Ethiopia

Italian car in Ethiopia1

I love witnessing details – which make a county and its people – being caressed beautifully. There is definitely a fascinating history behind this particular car, which now placed inside Haile Resort lobby in Hawassa, Ethiopia.

Italian car in Ethiopia2

The story goes like this, as exactly as the car telling its history in Amharic and English languages,  beautifully placed next to it, for visitors to read.

Italian Car In Ethiopia4Italian Car In Ethiopia3

“It gives me great pleasure when I say Hello and Welcome to Haile Resort, Hawassa. I would like to share a short history of my long life! I was made in 1927, which means I am now around 87 years old. I came to Ethiopia from Italy with Italian soldiers seven years after I was made. I was serving the Italian soldiers. By the time Italian soldiers left Ethiopia, I was given to one of the Italian Banda of the time. Banda’s are Ethiopians loyal to Italians. The Banda I was serving from around Jimma area. I don’t remember his name now.

When Emperor Haile Selassie returned back from exile and restored order the Banda couldn’t use me, because if he does he will be identified as traitor. Therefore, I had to stay hidden in the backyard for about 33 years. After such a long time of ignorance, I was back at work again. That was during the great Ethiopian revolution of 1974. Soon afterwards I faced another obstacle; all my necessary documents were lost. Then it was illegal to use me, back to the backyard again.

At that moment, I had no hope of getting up again until someone special came across and brought back life to me. His name is Haile Gebresilassie, for me he is a saint sent from heaven to save my life. I was taken out of the cage. Most of my parts were much damaged and I had to repair them. For example my wheel and tires, my battery and doors were almost like they were not there. The man again invested a lot of money in me to change my look. Then he brought me here and I am now standing in front of you with pride enjoying the beautiful scene of Hawassa Lake from Haile Resort, the best place to be.  

Here I don’t miss every sunset. I am very thankful for the life I am living although deep inside I still wish I could run and jump like my younger days. But that seems just a mere wish. I feel better and important when people visit me, thank you for that. My history may be much longer than this, but because of my age these is what I can memorize at this moment. Thank you once again. Please, help me to live longer, don’t touch me.”    

Italian Car In Ethiopia5

Giving Homage to Details!  

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  2. I love the phrase “homage to details”, and the way the car tells the story. Cars have memory problems too! My mother-in-law was in Ethiopia in 1974, hiding behind a mattress and singing hymns.

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