Luxembourg Legend Of Melusina The Mermaid

Melusina The Mermaid Luxembourg 1

While honoring my Ethiopian Wanderlust here in Luxembourg, wandering beneath The Montée de Clausen along the stream of river Alzette, one could not help noticing beautiful but sad looking purple mermaid.

My sense of wonder took over and fortunately being able to be rewarded with spellbinding, sad but thought provoking story which was beautifully framed and encrypted in four languages – Luxembourgish, French, English and Germany – put on display, on the wall across the purple mermaid.  The story goes like this as exactly as I read it.

Melusina The Mermaid Luxembourg 2

    The Legend of Melusina

One day, Count Siegfried was walking on the banks of the Alzette when he met a princess more beautiful than the day. This gorgeous creature was the nymph of the Alzette, named Melusina, and charmed the valley. Siegfried fell headlong in love with her and in no time had offered his heart and crown to the young woman, who accepted.

Melusina, however, made one condition, which Siegfried had to promise to observe or lose her forever. On Saturdays, the count was to leave Melusina alone in her room and neither see her nor attempt to find out what she was doing. Siegfried agreed and the couple married. 

For years, they lived happily and had many children. One Saturday, however Siegfried walked past Melusina’s room and, hearing a noise, looked through the keyhole. Imagine his horror when he saw her splashing about in a large pool, her body ending in a fish tail.

Now that her true nature had been revealed, Melusina uttered a piercing cry and was swallowed up by the earth. Since then, the nymph of the Alzette has been sealed in a rock known as the Bock and only reappears once every seven years.


Who could have tell a legend belongs to a country than its own country? I loved the fact I stand still to learn about this Luxembourg legend about Melusina the mermaid. I felt like I spent a moment with a story teller and could not help to turn around and take good look at the purple mermaid as then I felt I know her better through the Legend.

And then an intriguing quote that I read once reappeared itself in my mind, for me to contemplate even more.

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be very intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” Albert Einstein.

Melusina The Mermaid Luxembourg 3

Let us all keep our sense of wonder… wanderlust rewards with Serendipity!

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I am a traveler... on an endless journey of self-discovery!
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2 Responses to Luxembourg Legend Of Melusina The Mermaid

  1. Lovely encounter with mermaid and story – and a lovely photo of you. Are you homesick for Ethiopia?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sara Genene says:

      Thank you so much for kind words as always. There are days which I get homesick more intensely like Holidays so Easter was bit tougher as we Ethiopians celebrate it in a most traditional and unique way. But as I always say Ethiopia is within me. God Bless xo


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