Shopping: Ethiopian Traditional Wedding Dress

Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 1As always here in Ethiopia many weddings are going to take place after Abey Tsome (long lent offering) comes to an end on May 1, 2016 for this year.

Ethiopian brides to be, go shopping for Ethiopian traditional wedding dress usually starting from 2 – 1 month earlier of the actual wedding day as the dress is custom made with many colorful details to be honored, very overwhelming and elongated processes to go through – from picking the textile to the final touch of the designer. 

I would like to share with the world a sneak preview of my very own experience via photo essay.

  • Usually the first step is visiting traditional clothing local market – Shiro Meda!

Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 2

  • Choosing textile from drawers of little shops situated next to each other at the local market.

Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 3

  • Being overwhelmed by contemporary traditional clothing designer’s Business Cards.

Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 4

  • Window shopping for inspiration – my favorite part from the overall experience.

Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 5Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 6Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 7Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 8Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 9

  • Playing with my imagination. Here is my imperfect sketch of the traditional wedding dress.

Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 10

  • Visiting traditional clothing designer’s shops.

Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 11Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 12Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 13

  • Choosing the design and embroideries of the dress.

Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 14

  • Apple green, neon green and golden resonates with my soul as they are my favorite colors.

Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 15

  • Last but not least, via this exciting process, I could not help having a great sense of respect and appreciation for all the creators of this beautiful art – who usually appear to be behind the scene but are the foundation to make it all happen – Shemane!

Ethiopian Traditional Clothing 16

Good Luck … To All Brides To Be!

About Sara Genene

I am a traveler... on an endless journey of self-discovery!
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8 Responses to Shopping: Ethiopian Traditional Wedding Dress

  1. Hildegard says:

    What beautiful, rich textiles! Gorgeous!


  2. A fascinating photo-essay Sara, and such beautiful textiles and weaving. Thank you for giving me an insight into another culture’s way of wedding.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Vibrant, bold and beautiful colours in the traditional designs make for a stunning and elegant visual impact and it is nice to think that the cultural tradition are still important to all brides. The weaving shown is especially beautiful and shows that colours can be combined in all sorts of ways. I so enjoyed this post.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Gallivanta says:

    The fabrics and designs are lovely. Is it all still handmade?


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