Timket – Ethiopian Epiphany is going to fall on January 20, 2016. Gondar is one of the best places to celebrate Timket. Ye Hager Libs – Ethiopian traditional clothing – is a genuine way to be embellished with on Timket Celebration as an ETHIOPIAN.

Timket Celebration Gondar1

There is locally famous Ethiopian saying which emphasize the deep and intimate connection between these eloquent pieces of Ethiopia – Timket Celebration and Ethiopian Traditional Clothing.

It is at this time of year the saying beautifies Ethiopian conversations among locals. It intensified specially at traditional clothing local market. The traders use this particular saying in order to sell and at the same time it remind us all the importance of this Ethiopian exotic detail for the celebration.

If it is not for Timket celebration … then for nothing!

Timket Celebration Gondar2

Here I come GONDAR.

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I am a traveler... on an endless journey of self-discovery!
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7 Responses to Heading To GONDAR For TIMKET CELEBRATION

  1. Happy celebrations, Sara…


  2. Have a wonderful celebration, Sara…

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  3. Karl Drobnic says:

    Hi Sara,
    While in Gondar, you might be interested in checking out http://www.kossoyeproject.org/index.html The University of Gondar and The Kossoye Project have a long history of helping families grow gardens and other projects that improve village life. I donated to one of their projects last year to build a cistern for village gardens. I like small projects that directly help people in villages have more secure lives.

    Happy Timkit,

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  4. I think I’m a bit starved for celebration and tradition. This looks wonderful.


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