FIVE LOAVES: Having Breakfast In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

CafeinAddisAbaba1There are many restaurants and cafes established either by an expat to bring their home to another land or a native whom have been abroad for a while brings a foreign experience to their motherland. Positively all these contribute in making up Addis Ababa as an interesting African arena that provides a little bit of everything from all around the world.

CafeinAddisAbaba2Having breakfast in Addis Ababa can be an exciting experience as there are two choices either to relish in the very filling traditional Ethiopian breakfast or to step out of the ordinary and enjoy a simply delightful breakfast for celebrating positive culinary fusion.

CafeinAddisAbaba3Personally I prefer to enjoy a destination through simple little eateries, patisseries, bakeries or bistros rather than hugely sophisticated restaurants that can be as far as the actual destination – unreachable for many locals. As a firm believer that a destination can be enjoyed through as simple as having Chai at the Indian restaurant or green tea at Chinese restaurant but I believe it should be compellingly accessible to the locals even though there is nothing wrong of making it all fancy.

CafeinAddisAbaba4CafeinAddisAbaba5One Saturday morning in honoring a cosmic urge of try out something new, I found myself at the newly opened little Bistro and Bakery that goes by the name FIVE LOAVES. The brick and wood refined one story building that the bakery housed in is pleasantly inviting. Spotless, well-furnished and creatively designed interior makes it all cozy.

CafeinAddisAbaba6CafeinAddisAbaba7As an inquisitive person, If not outside at verandah, I choose sitting by the window to be enchanted and inspired by Addis Ababa’s everyday life from the street while enjoying my breakfast and the ambiance of the café at the same time. Downstairs at this Bistro, table 1 and 2 beautifully and conveniently set up by the window and I pick table 2 as it is the perfect spot to observe and enjoy my surrounding either from the inside or outside through the window.

Little bit about the ambiance of the Bistro, I really enjoyed the little framed black and white Ethiopian photographs hanged up on the walls reminders of how rich our ordinary life can be as there are pictures that shows everyday life of Ethiopia.

CafeinAddisAbaba8Time for me to order. Well as it is was the beginning of the day. As the place was once just a dream or in the imagination of the owner of this place while being abroad either somewhere in Europe or North America. Even better as it is a Bakery. I thought it would make a perfect sense that I have as simple as sweet breakfast bakery – CROISSANT.

And of course as an Ethiopian and being at its birth place I wouldn’t miss my morning coffee for the world. If it is straight from the espresso machine, then I love my coffee with a dash of Milk so CAFFE MACCHIATO that is. Croissant avec foamy Macchiato made of Ethiopian coffee was a heavenly match at least for me and I thought can it get any simply European than this here in Addis Ababa.

Till my breakfast arrive, why don’t I share with you a little bit more about the bistro I found myself at here in Addis Ababa. Well obviously as a bakery it provides different kinds of freshly baked loafs and breads and sweet treats from doughnuts to beautifully decorated creamy cakes. As a bistro, it serves different kinds of vegetable salads and sandwiches which you pick from the hand written menu on a board that hanged up on a wall behind the counter either to enjoy it downstairs or upstairs.


OH HAPPY DAY! I ate my food with my eyes already and I must say it really tasted as good as it looked maybe even better. The crispy top kissed with pristine white sweet sugar powder and the not too dense rather fluffy texture from the inside that just crumbled in my mouth was divine. Compared to many bastardized croissant I had here in Addis, this one is just the best by far.

CafeinAddisAbaba11Talking about coffee, l am going to be brutally blunt about the fact that you can have unpleasant coffee at some places even here in Ethiopia where coffee is nothing but a religion. But today here at Five Loaves Bistro and Bakery, my coffee experience through Caffe Macchiato was truly delightful …I crossed my fingers so that it stays the same.

CafeinAddisAbaba12Obviously it feels good to experience a destination without leaving home and even in some places to the point that makes you feel that you are actually somewhere else, but the ordinary Addis Ababa’s everyday life scene which I am being able to capture through the not so much openly reveling wooden framed windowpane is a constant sweet reminder of that I am at Home and apparently for visitors that they are at the interestingly lively capital city of Africa – Addis Ababa.

CafeinAddisAbaba13CafeinAddisAbaba14Anbesa Autobus – the yellow and red local bus with a side sign of Anbesa which literally means a lion.  The 12 seated white and blue minivan local taxis that runs around throughout the city are indeed the eloquent pieces of Addis Ababa besides just being means of transport and this is rather how I see it -live colorful details that portraits the beautifully ordinary everyday life of Africa.

CafeinAddisAbaba15Basking in the ordinary bliss of BREAKFAST!

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13 Responses to FIVE LOAVES: Having Breakfast In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  1. tonyarmitage says:

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like a nice place to start the day ☺


  2. Reblogged this on charlesrthomasjr and commented:
    At home on the road…in Addis Ababa


  3. Excellent blog–beautiful pics.
    Merci beaucoup!


  4. How was Ethiopia it’s not somewhere we have ever thought of visiting. But have a huge soft spot for Africa…


  5. I always look forward to your posts Sara. Lynne and I would love to be there in Ethiopia one day sharing breakfast with you. We’ve been to Kenya and we’re in Uganda this December. Maybe Ethiopia one day!! 😀


  6. I very much enjoyed joining you for breakfast. You’ve made my mouth water.


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