Ethiopian Cultural Event Compendium

Ethiopian Cultural Event In Addis Ababa1A day of celebration in honoring ETHIOPIAN CULTURE via art, music, traditional costume, food, drink and dance; here in the rhythmic cosmopolitan African City – Addis Ababa.

Leading armchair travelers from all over the world, through one of the many interesting events Addis Ababa hosts throughout the year; to experience the destination and to inspire. In spite of it all, in honoring my passion of giving homage to the Extraordinary within the ORDINARY.

Ethiopian Cultural Event In Addis Ababa2It was a bit daring to pick from the many cultural podiums which presented at this particular event, as Ethiopia is a beautifully diverse country; filled with so many fascinatingly warm domestic details -in which I tempted to present it all at this particular culture post though obviously impossible. Eventually, I am forced to choose few that truly resonates with my heart for a brief and sweet taste of Ethiopian culture.

As culture and Art is a an inspiring marriage made in heaven, I choose to spend a little while at the podium of time honored and historical Ethiopian Playhouses in Addis Ababa presented at the cultural event.

Showcasing these Playhouse’s cherished and honored works of Art in glorification culture and tradition through Theatrical plays, traditional music and dance along with the traditional costumes, and the locally well-known Ethiopian musicians and artists that these Playhouses brings into fruition … through pictures and entertaining replicas.

Ethiopian Cultural Event In Addis Ababa3Ethiopian Cultural Event In Addis Ababa4Traditional costumes hanged up on a long rope like an ordinary everyday scene of a freshly cleaned laundry, be carried on the breeze outside under the blazing sun of Africa. But here, it is to showcase different kinds of traditional costumes from different ethnic groups of the country in all honoring CULTURE.

Ethiopian cultural Event In Addis Ababa5Little bit of Sidama from the southern part of the country, to experience the destination through the colorful traditional accessories. I found the happy colors and cozy details of this handmade everyday life ornaments of Sidama people is so up lifting. Culturally colorful!

Ethiopian Cultural Event In Addis Ababa6Still standing at the little Sidama podium that I found here at cultural event in Addis Ababa, being all mesmerized by the colorfully decked traditional costume of Sidama Women. So culturally graceful!

Ethiopian Cultural Event In Addis Ababa7MUSIC FOR THE SOUL! Giving the deserved homage to the distinctive Ethiopian Traditional musical instruments – Begena, Krar, Masinko, Kebero, Washint- culturally soulful.

Ethiopian Cultural Event In Addis Ababa8Ethiopian Cultural Event In Addis Ababa9Time for admiring culture through craftsmanship that speaks AFRICA out laud!

Ethiopian cultural Event In Addis Ababa10Here is a toast to honoring and preserving culture! A celebration of culture through locally brewed Ethiopian traditional drinks – Areke and Tej (honey wine or mead).

Ethiopian Cultural Event In Addis Ababa11Ethiopian Cultural Event In Addis Ababa12From the many exotic Ethiopian traditional cuisines made up of culinary influence, fusion and with exotic touches of Ethiopia’s very own indigenous produces, I choose to put a spot light up on one of the regional delights from the sweet Dire Dawa – warmly embracing, town of sweet people from the eastern part of the country. Halwa and Mushebek for culturally sweet treat.

Ethiopian Cultural Event In Addis Ababa13Hitting the great outdoors, it would not be complete without traditional music and dance embellished with traditional clothing in celebrating culture. From many exotic Ethiopian traditional music and dances, for now I pick two fascinating destinations within Ethiopia to experience through music and dance.

Transported to GOJJAM through the energetic rhythm and rhyme that can make you move your shoulders like Ethiopians.

Ethiopian Cultural Event In Addis Ababa14Ethiopian Cultural Event In Addis Ababa15And to the exotic AFAR through distinctive beat that can make you jump of joy.

Ethiopian cultural Event In Addis Ababa16COMMEMORATING ETHIOPIAN CULTURE!

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4 Responses to Ethiopian Cultural Event Compendium

  1. What a feast of Ethiopian culture. I think my favourite photos are the dancing ones – so much brightness, energy and joy. Thank you for giving me a wonderful taste of your world.


  2. errolbennett says:

    Hi Sara: Thank you for another wonderful article about your beautiful country and its rich culture. I enjoyed the text very much, but find that the copyright watermarks detract from the beauty of the photos. Maybe you could make them smaller and less obtrusive if you placed them in the corners of the images and reduced the opacity settings. Thanks again.


    • Sara Genene says:

      Thank you so much Errol for kind comment as always I do really appreciate it. I do realize the copyright watermarks can be distracting but I am protecting my pictures from being copied without my permission…hope you understand.


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