BOOKS: Ethiopian Winter Splendor

“We raked books of the shelves by the dozen and hauled them along on picnics, to haylofts, up oak trees, to bath and to bed, the one terrifying possibility was to find oneself without a book.”   Kathleen Norris

Ethiopian Winter Reading. KiremtKiremt – Ethiopian Winter – is officially sets in here in Ethiopia. Time for pouring rain, shivering cold and sticky muddy shoes but the good news … like many other things in life, we do have a choice of unveiling the hidden splendors that Kiremt brings along instead of dreading the season.

Obviously it all depends on how we see it but we do really have reasons to even enjoy these once in a year JOYS OF KIREMT – the warmth of Gabi, the freshly picked corn, the seasonally scrumptious baked yum (sweet potato), the magical shoes shiners to be found at every corner of the street, the after rain earthy smell, the heavy rain interludes to be present, and of course time to be at home for rejuvenation and keep ourselves warm not only through the blazing charcoal that sits up on Kesel Midja ( Charcoal brazier) rather I am talking about through reading books that can transport us to another world from the comfort of our home, broaden our mind, touch our emotions, makes us think and of course warm our heart.

Having a pleasant rendezvous with a good book after a long rainy day is the heavenly warm alleyway that can takes us through the cold night while savoring the Kiremt Splendor – Book.

Happy Kiremt Reading!

About Sara Genene

I am a traveler... on an endless journey of self-discovery!
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2 Responses to BOOKS: Ethiopian Winter Splendor

  1. A delicious post in praise of winter and reading. I woke up this morning thinking “Sara hasn’t posted for a while” and there were two posts by you in my mailbox.


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