ITEGUE TAITU: The First Hotel Of Ethiopia

As Addis Ababa is a heterogeneous city that provides an exciting opportunity to wander through the past and the present simultaneously for its zealous visitors, I thought it would be appropriate to pick one interesting spot from many Addis Ababa’s past treasures and gives it the homage that it deserves via this particular virtual tour that I would like to present to the world.

ItegueTaituHotel2Itegue Taitu Bitul (Empress Taitu) is the wife of Emperor Menelik II – the renowned king of Ethiopia who found Addis Ababa. The 107 year old Itegue Taitu Hotel which is named after Empress Taitu situated at the heart of Addis Ababa city which locally known as Piazza – old town which hosts few other still standing momentous and interesting old buildings.

The Ethiopian imperial royal family was well known for entertaining guests in a most lavish and Ethiopian way with delicious Ethiopian traditional cuisines and mead at their still standing palace in Addis Ababa. Thus, the very first Ethiopian hotel to provide guests a place to rest and dine first appeared in the Ethiopian Empress imagination and beautifully materialized in 1907.

This still functional old Hotel is worth a visit as it is still captures the aura of the past in spite of the fact it is tastefully renovated. Simply, the place is full of character which I think need to be lovingly cherished and perhaps ought to be turned to a museum.

ItegueTaituHotel5ItegueTaituHotel6The main building in particular would be an interesting one to visit in and out … even to dine and wine. Talking about captivating character, the restaurant is gracefully embellished with colorful paintings in which for most of them the main theme revolves around the historic founders of this place – Emperor Menelik II and Empress Taitu.

The interesting staircases are not only worth seeing but worth climbing as it provides a mesmerizing experience of transporting oneself to an interesting Ethiopian era. The stairs also gracefully leads to a huge corridor for the upstairs rooms with interesting high ceiling.

ItegueTaituHotel8The corridor is also embellished with interesting furniture and of course with museum pieces of paintings on the wall which makes it all worth paying a visit to one of Addis Ababa’s very own historic old buildings.

ItegueTaituHotel10ItegueTaituHotel11ItegueTaituHotel12If you are looking for past, pleasant atmosphere, prominent old building, art and history in the capital city of Africa – Addis Ababa, Itegue Taitu Hotel is the place to be.

ItegueTaituHotel15Atmospheric moment that pass the test of time …

ItegueTaituHotel16comes all the way from a reverie of an Ethiopian Empress – Itegue Taitu Bitul (1851 – 1918)!

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19 Responses to ITEGUE TAITU: The First Hotel Of Ethiopia

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Oh how lovely! ❤


  2. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing


  3. jmsabbagh says:

    Marvelous post. The pictures are beautiful reflection of the rich Ethiopian culture. Best regards.Jalal


  4. Tariku says:

    Fascinating, Sara! That “Tal” basket, is it a waste disposal bin?


  5. erikakind says:

    Looks precious! Wow, thanks for sharing this!


  6. So it’s still used as a hotel?! I bet it’s a lovely place to stay! Another fascinating post and another place to add to our ever-growing “must-do” list 🙂


  7. Karl Drobnic says:

    I used to stay at the Itegue Hotel when I came in to Addis Ababa from my village. It looks better now than it did 50 years ago. It was always clean and had good service at a very reasonable price. I am very glad to see that it is treasured by the current owners. If I could come to Ethiopia again, I would stay at the Itegue just for the many wonderful memories I have from there. It has one of the most convenient locations in the city, and the restoration makes it look great. Thanks, Sara. I really enjoyed revisiting the Itegue through your photos.


  8. Manish says:

    Dear Sara,

    Thank you so much for this page and the photos. Now your page is a historical treasure, because the hotel is gone. God bless you.


    • Sara Genene says:

      My pleasure! I am so sad about it as I have amazingly beautiful memories that I am going to treasure forever and I am glad I paid a tribute to this Historical place. Thank you so much for stopping by and kind comment. God Bless.


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  10. martin brueck says:

    what ist the actual situation there, renewed after the fire?


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