100 Posts: All About ETHIOPIA!

100postsallaboutEthiopia1It is about time for me to honor my INSPIRATIONS while celebrating the fact that my blog – About Addis Ababa – made it to 100 posts. First and foremost I would like to thank the source of inspiration that works through all creations – the infinite intelligence I choose to call GOD.

My other inspiration when it comes to writing is Natalie Goldberg through one of her books – Writing Down The Bones – my quintessential manual for writing or any creative work for that matter. Thus here, I would like to express my deepest respect and appreciation to Natalie … wherever she may be and as she would say … “May we all meet in heaven café writing for eternity.”

I am no expert of anything and as Natalie eloquently state it in her book “Don’t identify too strongly with your work. Stay fluid behind those black – and – white words. They are not you. They were a great moment going through you. A moment you were awake enough to write down and capture.” so I am just being able to reveal the beautiful eloquent pieces of Ethiopia which I fortunately surrounded by … it is really an honor to raise the curtain for my homeland’s beautifully inspiring EVERYDAY life so that the rest of the world can see, to relish in its beauty and be inspired.

As I am honoring my inspirations, I would like to mention one of Natalie’s inspiring and wise words from one of her books that have provided me with heart for the path – Writing Down The Bones – “Life is so rich, if you can write down the real details of the way things were and are, you hardly need anything else.” Be inspired!

100postsallaboutEthiopia2Last but not least, none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the inspiring and unconditional love I am receiving from family, friends and loved ones who is working so hard behind the scene so that I can get all the credit…Thank you for being the wind beneath my wings. And of course my esteemed loyal readers and your inspiring comments – my treasured leverage to keep on doing what I love to do – I believe reaction for any kind of work inspires creativity so I dare to say YOU are the main reason for my blog – About Addis Ababa – to made it 100 posts!

Thank you all for allowing me to be human by seeing and shining a light up on the potential rather than my imperfection.

You Inspire Me!

About Sara Genene

I am a traveler... on an endless journey of self-discovery!
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30 Responses to 100 Posts: All About ETHIOPIA!

  1. erikakind says:

    Congratulations for 100 posts! And thank you for this heart warming post. You radiate so much love, gratitude and appreciation. A real gift for all of us!


  2. Yes. Congratulations from me too. Your blog is always a pleasure, and rich with local detail. Natalie Goldberg is on my shelf too, in fact she’s just moved to a table close to my desk to remind me to use her. I’m delighted to be with you as you embark on the next hundred posts.


    • Sara Genene says:

      I really don’t know how to thank you enough you are just so sweet and of course my inspiration. I just adore Natalie and I do hope you get the best out of her book as it is just an amazing guide for writing and any creative work so GOOD LUCK!


  3. I loved Writing Down The Bones. Have you read Bird By Bird (Anne Lamott)? You’d love it!!!


  4. Congratulations Sara! Great work! I am following you from now on!


  5. ontheroad says:

    Always love reading ur pictorial and colorful blogs, congrats on reaching 100!!! Keep on writing and inspiring us too!


  6. matthias1982 says:

    congratulations!!! 🙂 great job and really inspiring!! (although you never had to convince me that I absolutely have to visit Ethiopia some day…;-) )


  7. errolbennett says:

    Sara. I have been an avid reader of your posts and look forward to next 100 or more. Congrats on reaching this milestone. I know it is not an easy task but you have mastered it with great style. Keep on keeping on, as they say.


  8. restlessjo says:

    Well done! That’s a lot of time and effort 🙂


  9. Congratulations on your 100 very interesting posts! You show us such a beautiful side of life that we are inspired to look more closely at our own surroundings to find beauty there too. I agree with and appreciate your giving credit in your opening to the greatest source of inspiration, God! Writing with so much love and insight is surely a God-pleasing way to use the talents He gave you. Thanks for the tip about Natalie Goldberg’s book; I shall look it up. Best wishes as you continue to work toward your next 100… 🙂 Blessings.


  10. Violet says:

    Awww what a sweet and beautiful post! Congratulations on such an accomplishment!! Thank you so much, you INSPIRE me too!! Looking forward to many more posts from you. XO, Violet


  11. Congratulations, Sara – looking forward to reading 100 more! x


  12. marianbeth says:

    Well done Sara! I have enjoyed all your posts and also love that book by Natalie Goldberg. Your photos are beautiful and your themes well thought out and very interesting. All the best for the next 100 posts! Marian


  13. andthree says:

    ሰላም! Your site came up when I was googling Ethiopian blogs. Congratulations on a nice blog and 101 posts. Keep up the good work. መልካም የመስቀል በዓል!


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