The Colorful ENKUTATASH Paintings By Ethiopian Boys


One of the most brightening Ethiopian New Year’s gifts you can receive from ETHIOPIA during Enkutatash Celebration here in Ethiopia is simply the colorful Enkutatash paintings illustrated by Ethiopian boys.




Early in the morning during New Year’s day …Ethiopian boys in particular give out these simple but colorful Enkutatash paintings–which illustrates Enkutatatash (Ethiopian New Year) by featuring flower, Angel, Saint or Dove –to receive gifts in return, is an esteemed, once – in – a year and longtime Enkutatash tradition…which I would like to give the homage that it deserves by presenting it at this particular post.



Talking about New Year’s gifts, I would like to celebrate my other Ethiopian Enkutatash gifts along with the colorful Enkutatash paintings – which I cherish forever!





And most of all, it is all about…




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I am a traveler... on an endless journey of self-discovery!
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12 Responses to The Colorful ENKUTATASH Paintings By Ethiopian Boys

  1. erikakind says:

    Wonderful tradition!

  2. Happy New Year, Sara! I hope the year to come brings you and your family lots of joy, love and fun! And great coffee, too, hehehe. x

  3. langano says:

    oh wow, what great memories!…you brought them all back. Thank you, Sara. God bless.

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  5. Absolutely luxuriate the ordinary. And then there isn’t any such thing as the ordinary. Thanks for the reminder, Sara, and for the images, and for the insight into Ethiopian culture.

    • Sara Genene says:

      Of course there isn’t any such thing as the ordinary but we usually tend to take for granted our Everyday life and make it like ordinary. Thank you so much for kind comment as always.

  6. Violet says:

    Long time no see here Sara. Thank you for another beautiful post on your culture and tradition! Wishing you a wonderful new year filled with many blessings, joy and good health! 🙂 Love, Violet

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