Addis Ababa’s Seasonal Street Delights


In counting the blessings of the old year before it officially departs and welcoming Ethiopian New Year (September 11, 2014) with new hope, I am inspired to honor Addis Ababa’s seasonal street delights–which as a local I enjoyed one after the other thoroughly every season till the very last bite – by presenting this particular photo essay and share this SWEET BLESSING with the world.  Enjoy!

Preem (Plum) – For Ethiopia, Plum is the once -in -a year succulent, scrumptious, and beautifully red healthy fruit which voraciously picked from the pushcarts every year by the locals as if it appeared for the very first time along the streets of Addis Ababa. Always NEW!



Shimbra Eshet (Freshly picked green Chickpeas) – A genuine and an exciting opportunity that Africa provides to get all intimate with one of Mother Nature’s nourishing blessings along the buzzing and interesting streets of Addis Ababa.



Shenkora (Sugar Cane) – Another Ethiopian way of extracting all the sweetness of nature AS IT IS under the blazing sun of Africa.



Tamar (Date Palm) – One of Addis Ababa’s seasonal street delights that the sweet blessing of RAMADAN brings along … all the way from the Middle East to the capital of Africa – Addis Ababa.



Beles (Prickly Pear /Cactus Fruit) – In spite of the fact that Beles recently joins Addis Ababa’s seasonal street delights and the inconvenience of pealing it because of its prickly nature … doesn’t stop many locals to enjoy its deliciousness along the streets of Addis Ababa including me… Love it!




Bekolo Tibs (Roasted corn) and Sikuar Dinch Kikil(Boiled Sweet Potato) – The soul warming delights that Ethiopian rainy season grants to be enjoyed along the cold and muddy streets of Addis Ababa or at home during this time of year.




In Celebrating EVERYDAY blessings that Addis Ababa’s EVERYDAY Life offers!

About Sara Genene

I am a traveler... on an endless journey of self-discovery!
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4 Responses to Addis Ababa’s Seasonal Street Delights

  1. Yum – love the sound especially of the pickled fresh chickpeas. I’ve never even seen them fresh!


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