AFRIKA: Through The Eyes of AFRIKANS

As a proud Afrikan it is really an honor to be part of an inspiring venture –showcasing this beautiful and exotic continent AFRIKA to the world – along with my fellow Afrikans via a Kenya based Afrikan online magazine called Afrikan Mbiu.

I also believe it is so interesting and refreshing to see Afrika through the eyes of Afrikans whether it is about their dreams for their continent or about their exotic Afrikan best kept secret cuisines.  Thus for today, I kindly would like to ask my fellow bloggers, followers, loyal readers and the whole world to pour yourself a cup of tea, to sit back and to enjoy AFRIKA.


I have a Dream!



About Sara Genene

I am a traveler... on an endless journey of self-discovery!
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2 Responses to AFRIKA: Through The Eyes of AFRIKANS

  1. Hi Sara,lovely and encouraging post,wishing you and your fellow Afrikaners all the success.Jalal


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