Kiremt: Celebrating Ethiopian Rainy Season Marvels


Kiremt is an Amharic word that represents Ethiopian rainy season or winter. And officially, it is that time of year here in Addis Ababa and many other parts of the country when the rain is falling mercifully, the roads getting all muddy and the shivering cold taking its place.


This particular post is dedicated to the Kiremt (Ethiopian Winter) marvels which are so close to many Ethiopian hearts including me and which we Ethiopians almost could not be able to go through without it at this time of cold season. Starting with the comfort food of Ethiopian rainy season, Bekolo (corn) is at the top of the list whether it’s roasted or boiled and seasoned with little bit of salt.


Kiremt (Ethiopian Winter) would not be complete without the simply boiled Sikuar Dinich (Sweet Potato). This is one of Ethiopian household practices at this time of year to keep the house and the family warm inside and out.


Even though, the rain, the cold and the mud transfer the city into a whole different world after almost ten months of beautiful sunshine. Addis Ababa’s street life never failed to entertain whether the locals or visitors alike with its interesting Kiremt scenes.


Smelling the delicious roasting or boiling corn or even having it at every corner of the city, being able to transfer ones muddy shoes into a shiny one instantly by many enthusiastic Addis Ababa’s shoes shiners along the streets, seeing more colorful umbrellas, noticing Ethiopian women hair style changing along with the weather and I must say it is that time of year for witnessing works of art on braids (shruba) which is simply exotic and beautiful besides being one of Ethiopian Kiremt Marvels.


Obviously, Kiremt is more like going back to home and keeping oneself warm and it is when the classic Gabi (Ethiopian blanket) comes in handy.


Let it rain and Happy Kiremt!

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I am a traveler... on an endless journey of self-discovery!
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9 Responses to Kiremt: Celebrating Ethiopian Rainy Season Marvels

  1. Its a generous blessings ,Beautiful homey post.Have a great week.JMS


  2. I love the way you pay tribute to your beautiful country – and its food. The photos of the corn made me salivate, even on a Polish summer day. And the rain quotes were wonderful – about rain, but also a philosophy of life. Thank you for letting me enter your world.


  3. Tariku says:

    Thanks, Sara! I would be even more thankful if you could pass one of those Beqollos to me. Happy Kiremt!


  4. leah says:

    Beautiful! Thank you so much for such a wonderful blog. I can almost smell that corn roasting. Keep writing Sara.


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