Ethiopia’s Season to Join in Wedlock


Receiving wedding invitations at this time of year inspires me to compile few pictures and share it with the world via this particular post which pays a tribute to the second Ethiopian wedding season – usually take place after the long Lent offering or just right after the Easter Holiday celebration and most of the time continues till May.


The first or the main Wedding season is usually takes place during the month of Tir (January – February) – an exceptional month sought after by couples to tie the knot due to various reasons like  tradition, beliefs, culture, weather, religion and so many more.


As Ethiopian Wedding Ceremony is a three day affair along with its broad cultural and traditional details makes it an interesting and exciting event worth attending for and without a doubt it is one of the eloquent pieces of Ethiopia that worth capturing …thus, I present my favorite pictures which I think reflect Ethiopian Wedding Season… Enjoy.


A toast on Love!

About Sara Genene

I am a traveler... on an endless journey of self-discovery!
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6 Responses to Ethiopia’s Season to Join in Wedlock

  1. Tariku says:

    Beautiful! Thanks, Sara!


  2. Blissful celebration,may the good lord bless both of them with joy of unity ,love and fruitfulness.Jalal.


  3. CatT says:

    Extremely beautiful! I’ll have to do some reading to learn more about all the details over the 3 days. We have so many different approaches to weddings here in South Africa, but they always tell so much about their broader culture and attitude to marriage.


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