Mahberawi: An Assortment Of Exotic Ethiopian Dishes


Experiencing the diverse and exotic Ethiopian cuisines takes an enthusiastic exploration and time. Many Ethiopian traditional eateries throughout the country serves a particular dish which is famously known as Mahberawi … whether to make it easier for someone who wants to enjoy or to try- out “a little bit” of Ethiopian main dishes all at once. Mahberawi is simply a combination platter of Ethiopian dishes serve with good old Injera (a fermented Ethiopian bread made out of Teff flour).

Mahberawi usually contains samples of five to six main Ethiopian dishes. Doro Wot (Chicken and hard-boiled eggs cooked in spiced up butter, onion, a hot Ethiopian spice blend called Berbere). Since Doro Wot is one of the renowned Ethiopian traditional holiday cuisines, it usually present in the middle of Mahiberawi dish.


Alicha Siga Wot or Alicha Minchet Abish are dishes usually scooped upon Injera, these celebrated Ethiopian meat related dishes are more like mild stew without the hot Berbere spice blend rather with turmeric spice touch.

To make the circle complete, a little bit of another renowned dish which is Tibs (sliced lamb or beef, pan fried in butter, garlic, onion and tomato) usually joins the combination of making Mahberawi dish. Kitfo (minced beef cooked or seasoned with spiced up butter), Gomen Besiga (Ethiopian collard greens and slices of beef cooked in butter) and Ayeb (dry cottage cheese) are one of the main dishes which usually included and provide a delicious and exciting experience to taste and enjoy main exotic Ethiopian dishes and of course to make Mahiberawi complete.


The one very fact to remember is the combination diverges from one eateries to the other but the fact they all provide good combinations of Ethiopian dishes in their very own way makes it more interesting.

Even though today’s spot light is upon Mahberawi, it is good to mention that there is another famous version of this particular dish, which the assortment of vegetables and known as Beyaynetu. Beyaynetu is a particular dish enjoyed by the locals especially during the fasting days (Wednesday and Friday) and for the long fasting season (LENT). Beyaynetu is more for vegetarian visitors who wants to experience the other side of delicious Ethiopian cuisines.

Since Mahberawi is the combination of meat related Ethiopian dishes which usually prepare for holidays and special occasions, it is more for visitors who wants to experience traditional Ethiopian holiday feast.



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28 Responses to Mahberawi: An Assortment Of Exotic Ethiopian Dishes

  1. When I lived in London, we had an Ethiopian restaurant near-by. I loved, loved, loved the food! No doubt it would be 100 times better in Ethiopia…


  2. cindy knoke says:

    looks delicious! thank you for posting~


  3. Mike Knoche says:

    Sara, I miss tibs and gomen!


  4. Mike Knoche says:

    Reblogged this on ExploreDreamDiscover Talks and commented:
    Great post on a sample of Etiopian/ habesha food


  5. SouthAmericaPCV says:

    Tasty, tasty dishes! Best with mead 🙂


  6. This looks sooooo tasty! I hope to be able to enjoy it in your country one day!


  7. Nadyess says:

    Looks very delicious and I’m sure it is! I haven’t taste yet from the Ethiopian cuisine but your post convinced me to try it out. Thanks a lot for sharing and have a wonderful day!


  8. There are some amazing African dishes and they are the best kept secret cuisine.


  9. Forget about dieting ,this is a feast can’t be passed.Every thing looks delicious.Jalal


  10. Mahlet says:

    can you please post recipes of the injera and wat?


    • Sara P.G. says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by and I am in the process of releasing something regarding this particular question but I can’t really say When… so now all I can do is to kindly ask all my readers to wait patiently and to stay tuned.


  11. Reblogged this on Ace Food News 2014 and commented:
    #AceFoodNews says as a chef l rarely have ever cooked ` Ethiopian Food ‘ so share this own my food site for my friends #Ethiopia


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  13. I’ve loved reading your posts on Ethiopian food. There were some I hadn’t had in ages and it was good to be reminded of them and maybe even try them out with my family.


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