Shimbra Eshet: Addis Ababa Relishing Fresh Green Chickpeas


Once or twice a year, Addis Ababa enjoys Shimbra Eshet – freshly picked green chickpeas, picked in their infancy, while they are still green, and coated in fury pale green pod.


At this time of year, fresh green Chickpeas come from different parts of the country in abundance and sold in the streets of Addis Ababa.


Pealing and eating chickpeas while they are still green is an admired ritual of Ethiopians for so long.


Shimbra Asa (chickpeas flour formed into small dumplings and gets sautéed with Bereber sauce) is one of the delicious Ethiopian Dishes that made out of Chickpeas but still for many Ethiopians, nothing beats Shimbra Eshet – the healthful, flavorful green chickpeas…


Straight from the shell.

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11 Responses to Shimbra Eshet: Addis Ababa Relishing Fresh Green Chickpeas

  1. Very interesting to see them in their raw state, thanks for sharing!


  2. Lovely first blogpost I’m reading on your blog. Ethiopia is a country we would love to explore one day, your blog will make us more eager no doubt 🙂


  3. Tariku says:

    How I miss Shimbra Eshet, I even forgot how it looked like. Shimbra Eshet = all organic, all healthy. One has to be thankful that almost everything is still organic in Ethiopia. Thanks, my sister for updating my taste of Shimbra!


  4. Lovely post ,those farm pictures reminds me of home Iraq.Have a wonderful weekend.jalal


  5. Violet says:

    Thank you for introducing us to fresh green chickpeas! Never knew it existed and we can eat them fresh like that! 🙂


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