The Simple Splendour Of Muger River Gorge


Today’s virtual journey is taking the world to the marvelous but the unsung Muger river gorge. It is one of Ethiopia’s focal topographical landmarks, flanked by Addis Ababa and the Blue Nile waterfalls. Simply Muger river gorge is the hors d’oeuvre for the historical Northern Ethiopia voyage.


Besides being an entrance to the Muger River Gorge, Durba, is an interesting and verdant village in its own way. Durba situated 50 km north of Addis Ababa.


September and October are months where both Durba Village and Muger gorge at its best. It is when the water is high and the village is beautifully cover up by the yellow Meskel flowers.


While the waterfall carries a low volume of water, it makes a vivid droplet of about 100 m into a side gorge.


Superb landscape is not the only thing that gratifies your soul at Durba Village or Muger Gorge, rather it is one of the good places to spot different kinds of beautiful birds, and of course, the endemic Chilada Baboons are spurs for visiting this particular place throughout the year.


Since it is an hour drive from the capital city of Addis Ababa, Muger gorge can be arranged as an offbeat-day-trip for trekking and wild-life watching.




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12 Responses to The Simple Splendour Of Muger River Gorge

  1. These are lovely. I particularly like the photos of the kids…they are so cute!!! (Suzanne)


  2. Wonderful photos. Such a great location!


  3. Splendid post Sara specially the photos of the water falls.Best wishes.JMS


  4. teny says:

    Really beautiful; love the first photo in particular 🙂


  5. Tariku says:

    Great shots, Sara, woow! Just sent you an E-Mail. Thanks!


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