Buhe: Ethiopian Religious Gala In Addis Ababa


Buhe is a unique religious holiday celebrated by the Ethiopian orthodox religion followers in a very special and warm way right before Kiremt (Ethiopian rainy season) ends. Buhe celebration usually takes place three weeks before Enkutatash (Ethiopian New Year) which is going to fall on September 11, 2013.Image

According to the orthodox religion, this particular festivity commemorates the transfiguration of Jesus when he went up onto a mountain to pray with his three disciples Peter, John and James and appeared in his glorious splendor accompanied by Moses and Elijah. This particular day called “Debretabor” and named after the mountain. Image

Ethiopians honor this particular day by burning chibo (bunch of dried sticks), “boys in particular” singing a certain song called Hoya Hoye!and going door to door to receive a special home backed little Ethiopian bread called “Mulmul” made for Buhe celebration. Image

The song Hoya Hoye contains special Amharic verses created by the boys and it is usually about praising the owner of the house they go to and after they get their gift they finish up the song with special verses that express their gratitude and best wishes for next year. Image

Hoya Hoye is particularly for young boys as Enkutatash is for young girls. The stick they are holding used as a musical instrument and they make the sound by hitting the ground with it. Here is something for you to Enjoy Hoya Hoye!

At this time of year, almost every Ethiopian house hold prepare Difo Dabo (a round  home backed bread) for the celebration, and of course besides the little bread “Mulmul” which is specially baked for the Hoya Hoye Kids. ImageImage

And at the end of the day, the chibo burning takes place as small as in each house hold with the family or as huge as in a neighborhood together with friends, family and neighbors. ImageImage

Then the song Hoya Hoye continues but this time in great cheer…clapping and running around the burning chibo…which also makes this particular day, a celebration of the rainy season before it departs and welcoming the New Year with  new hope.

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13 Responses to Buhe: Ethiopian Religious Gala In Addis Ababa

  1. I want some of that bread! 🙂


  2. Linda says:

    This is so interesting! Thanks Sara


  3. Articulate post,amazing pictures.Thank you for liking my recent posts.Blessing and best wishes.Jalal


  4. Cheyenne says:

    I love traveling with you! Thank you for this experience, thoroughly enjoyed this post.


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  7. Jonathan (ጆንሰን) says:

    I’m an American man who spent several very formative years (8-11) living in rural Ethiopia (near lake Shalla)… Thank you SO much for this lovely article! I brought back some wonderful memories; and also cleared up several misconceptions- or inaccurate memories- I had regarding this holiday. Your article also exemplifies differences/variations/discrepancies in the way the tradition was presented/explained to us, as well as in the typical/average age of the boys who would show up at our door. Very interesting and informative!
    My folks have a picture of me with my friends singing hoya hoye…


  8. blane says:

    Mulmul sounds delicious


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