Addis Ababa-The Capital City Of AFRICA


Besides being the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa is also referred to as the “capital city of Africa.” One of the reasons why Addis Ababa earns this privilege is because of being the home to such prominent headquarters as the Organization of African Unity and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. In spite of its historical establishments and 50 years of journey, the headquarters of UN Economic Commission for Africa is the owner of the enthralling African themed Ethiopian works of Art, which makes it one of the highlights of the Addis Ababa city. Image

After being greeted by the colorful flags of African countries inside the compound, it is the exquisitely embellished foyer of the Africa Hall, which can literally stop you for admiration.Image

The 150-square-meter stained-glass triptych covers an entire wall of Africa Hall portray the Africans of yesterday, today and tomorrow in their struggle for freedom and evolution.  “Total Liberation of Africa” 1960-1961, is one of the many famous works of Ethiopia’s finest, the legendary, the one and the only the late Most Honorable Maître Artiste World Laureate Afework Tekle (1932-2012). Image

Ethiopian art by the late artist Afewer Tekele, is the highlights of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia all by itself.  And here are other few places in the city of Addis Ababa, where visitors can see paintings by Afewerk Tekele. St. George Cathedral, The National Museum of Ethiopia, and Villa Alpha – the home and personal museum designed and constructed by the Artist himself. Image

Going back to the African Hall, there are other works of art by other artists, which I think worth celebrating so here they are. ImageImageImage

When you come to the lively city of Addis Ababa, it is not only the essence of Ethiopia but also the spirit of AFRICA that you will be able to capture.

Welcome To AFRICA!

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7 Responses to Addis Ababa-The Capital City Of AFRICA

  1. StillWalks says:

    That is some fantastic art work – excellent!


  2. Wonderful stained glass and beautiful art. Thanks for showing it to us. (Suzanne)


  3. Fine artwork! Not surprising though, coming from the land of great culture and the Mighty Emperor!


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