The Ethiopian Coffee Discovery Saga


According to tradition, a young wise Ethiopian herder by the name Kaldi from the Keffa region noticed that his goats were behaving somewhat vigorously each time they chewed a certain plant’s leaves and berries, so he decided to try it himself. Not surprisingly, after a few chews and a couple of swallows, Kaldi turned into a hyperactive herder!Image

Then he went to the nearest monastery to tell of his discovery, but he was scolded for ‘involvement in the Devil’s fruit’ and the Monks throw Kaldi’s adored fruit into the fire. However, the aroma deriving from the fire actuates the monks to come around eventually. Image

That night, during a laborious session of prayer, the monks discovered that they remained wide-awake with keen mind. Then the monks passed on the Coffee secret to others and soon all the monks in Ethiopia were chewing berries, keeping themselves vigilant for nocturnal prayers. Image

Legend has it, that for many centuries after this discovery, coffee was eaten and not drunk. It was not until the thirteenth century that the practice of brewing a hot drink from roasted beans was introduce.Image

I do really hope you enjoy one of my favorite Ethiopian legends I heard about Coffee discovery. But here are few things that are certain; Ethiopia is the country where Coffee is called “Buna” and where it is honored with unique Ethiopian traditional coffee ceremony.Image

Addis Ababa is the city where you can have world-class coffee less than a $ almost everywhere. TraditionalEthiopiancoffeeceremonypicture7Simply a City Where Coffee can be your soul mate! Image

Love coffee? Image

So why not come to…Image

Kaldi’s World!

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22 Responses to The Ethiopian Coffee Discovery Saga

  1. Wonderful story! This has to be the first time I’ve heard a fable linked to the creation of coffee!


  2. says:

    As a coffee addict – I love this post (your pictures are wonderful as well)! I had heard of this legend from Kaldi’s Coffee Company ( in and around Missouri. If true, I’m so glad Kaldi discovered coffee (or rather his goats did). 🙂


  3. !! “Simply a City Where Coffee can be your soul mate! ” ok sign me up 🙂


  4. kaiyun says:

    Reblogged this on one day we will and commented:
    Never knew that this story behind the Ethiopian Sidarmo bean existed… “Devil’s Fruit”? Awww so glad these monks decided to burn them and gave the world some great coffee!


  5. My Dear Friend & Fellow-Blogger Sara P.G., I have nominated you for three Premium Awards, in recognition of your outstanding contributions. Please do visit my post below for further details about your awards:

    Congratulations for well deserved awards! Keep up the great work!



  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my poem on coffee. As you can imagine I love coffee and was very interested in your post on the Ethiopian discovery. I would like to know more so I will be following your blog. Thanks


  7. Lauren says:

    I will be visiting Addis in July for work. I won’t have much free time maybe just an hour or two on one day, but can you recommend any must visit places for great coffee? I’d love to get some beans to take home and maybe one of those beautiful coffee cups sets and pouring/brewing jugs?


    • Sara P.G. says:

      Since you are going to stay in Addis for very short time I recomend you visit the most three reputable coffee shops and my favoriets too. Tommoca, Yeshi Coffee and Kabu coffee. For the coffee cups sets and pouring/coffee cups I suggest Konos Gift Shop around 22. I do really hope you are going to enjoy your stay in Addis and thanks for stopping by my blog.


  8. Dear Fellow Blogger Sara:

    I am always impressed with your creativity and talent that makes your posts and blog so impressive. Today I have nominated you and your blog for The Most Creative Blogger Award, as one of the top ten Most Creative Bloggers. Please do accept it. The details are at:

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