Entoto: The Lung Of Addis Ababa


Mount Entoto is the highest peak where you can overlook the city of Addis Ababa. Besides being an oasis from a hurried world and reputable breathing space of Addis Ababa, Entoto is a historical place where Menelik II resided and built his palace when he found Addis Ababa 125 years ago. The mountain is densely covered by eucalyptus trees, which were imported from Australia then.Image

Though many say that it is at the pinnacle where you get the real payoff- that is the view of Addis Ababa utterly stretched out below you which is true: but today I choose to give homage to the ordinary, that is the journey through the eucalyptus tree and share something extraordinary with you along the way. Image

Talking about journey and mount Entoto, here is one exciting fact. The colorful Entoto Market (Shiromeda) is one of the highlights of climbing the Entoto Mountain adventure starts with. I can say it is this market, which greets you first when starting the Entoto Avenue. Stopping by at the Entoto Market before or after the excursion to Entoto hills can be a good idea.ImageImageImage

Now let’s get back to the journey through the forest and let me share a fact why mount Entoto is a must see place in the city of Addis Ababa. Entoto hills are the training ground of Ethiopian greatest athletes like Haile Gebreselasie ( Ethiopian long-distance track and road running athlete who won 2 Olympic Gold Medals over 10,000 meters and 4 world championship titles in the event and many more.)  So that means, it provides a once-in-a-life- time opportunity to spot aspiring or legendary Ethiopia’s greatest athlete live… maybe even to jog with them. Image

Mount Entoto is part of the Entoto Mountain chain, reaching 3,200 meter above sea level offers spectacular views of Addis Ababa in all direction. It is an ideal place for visitors to get used to the attitude, escape from the busy city life, hiking or unwind before going back home.    Image

Climbing Mount Entoto can also provide a rewarding historical, Cultural and religious travel, because Entoto Maryam church along with a museum that preserves antique religious and historic pieces and valued national heritage found near the summit.Image

Last but not least, here is one of thought provoking scenes from the excursion of Entoto hill, it is catching a glimpse of everyday life heroes. Here are few pictures in honoring and celebrating the believers, survivors and unsung heroes.Image

Women, girls even kids carrying firewood from the mountain down to the city to sell it or use it as a source of energy for their households.Image

One of those places where traveling can be a means to expand your horizons and see life in different perspective.Image

Well welcome to the highest peak of the most exhilarating and inspiring city…Image

That is Addis Ababa!

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8 Responses to Entoto: The Lung Of Addis Ababa

  1. wrygrass.com says:

    Thank you for taking me along the path of Mount Entoto; I enjoyed it very much!


  2. Finn Holding says:

    Fascinating post Sara, as always. Do you know why the eucalyptus trees were planted on Mt Entoto, and does the local wildlife live in the eucalypt forest?


    • Sara P.G. says:

      Thank you so much and to answer your question there were no fuel wood when Emperor Menelik decide to built his palace up there, then he deiced to import the fast growing eucalyptus tree to solve the problem. And now there is no wildlife at the forest. Hope it helps.


  3. Tariku says:

    Good job, Sara, as usual! “believers, survivors and unsung heroes” exactly! It breaks my heart to see elder mothers hauling that firewood down to the city. I wish visitors could stop by and help them out with some kind of donation.


  4. Interesting and informative post – merci for sharing it.


  5. Amina says:

    Very informative for the first time visitor from USA

    Liked by 1 person

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