Lake Ziway: The Ethiopia Water Bird Spectacle


The Great Pelicans, are the main stars of this astonishing natural live show, which takes place, at one of the freshwater Rift Valley lakes of Ethiopia. To make the spectacle more mesmerizing, many other beautiful water birds accompany the pelicans at Lake Ziway.

Introducing, the eccentric Hammerkop from the Lake Ziway, Ethiopia. Image

The exquisite combination of radiantly white feather, with the glossy black beak is another breathtaking beauty to gaze at, around the lake.  Of course, it is the one and the only, Sacred Ibis.Image

African Marabous are other essences of Lake Ziway.Image

The Yellow Billed Storks too.Image

Here comes the charm of Lake Ziway. The Great EgretImage

In representing all the other little but shinning stars, that the show will not feel complete without them, here are the top 3, and starting with the little gorgeous Green Sand Piper.Image

The fabulous Spur-winged LapwingImage

Last but not least, the dazzling Black-winged Stilt.Image

Getting back to the spectacle, this is not only restricted on the lake, but also, up on the spectacular blue and clear sky of Lake Ziway. The mind-blowing show continues up on the glorious natural silver screen. Sky is the limit indeed! Image

Talking about sky, well either up on the trees or the blue sky of Lake Ziway, there is nothing like a natural star, which stirs the show up, with lively action all by itself and without a single stunt.  Only the graceful AFRICAN FISH EAGLE can do it all. Image

From the endless and compelling of the water bird spectacle, the Great Pelican contest- catching the dead fish thrown by the angler to attract them: is one of the illustrious and entertaining pieces. Image

Different kinds of Ducks peacefully floating along with the beautifully green lilies on the lake, bathing, or roaming around usually in-group, is one of the colorful and superb scenes of the show. Image

The stars of the spectacle are naturally beautiful, glamorous and exceptional. The show is naturally spectacular.  Image

The host is the naturally blessed and phenomenal Ethiopia, particularly Lake Ziway (located about 60 miles south of Addis Ababa. It is 31 km long and 20 km wide with a maximum depth of 9 meter and 440 square km surface area). The almost free of charge water bird spectacle is over now until next time…Image

The curtain is closing but I am still here stunned!Image

Well I do really hope you enjoy the preview of my visit to Lake Ziway, in which I really had unforgettable time and cannot get enough of it. Finally yet importantly, I want to mention one of the reasons, which actuate me to post something about Birds besides the fact “I love them.”

As we all know, May 11 and 12, 2013 was also the global celebration of World Migratory Bird Day. Simply WMBD is one of the networks with a mission I believe in “raising awareness for Migratory birds and their habitats.”

Besides, Ethiopia is a home of many amazing birds and I had great opportunities to see most of them, so I thought there is no more appropriate time than this to come up with something beautiful in honoring these stunning creatures.

And for the love of Birds!

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I am a traveler... on an endless journey of self-discovery!
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29 Responses to Lake Ziway: The Ethiopia Water Bird Spectacle

  1. So many beautiful birds!! Really lovely post, and I didn’t know about WMBD..thanks for sharing. We were recently in Bourgogne, France and saw many Blue Herons:)


  2. Natasha says:

    wow stunning work sara. the photo with their mouths open is really funny. amazing that you were able to get so close to take these shots. love them 🙂


  3. wisejourney says:

    wonderful pictures. thank you


  4. Reblogged this on FANOS Ethiopia Tours and commented:
    Lake Ziway Acquatic birds


  5. clumsyfool says:

    wow, what amazing pictures! 🙂


  6. linda says:

    Exquisite photos-Thank you so much!
    I remember how thrilled I was to see a Great Blue Heron taking off from a lake and flying off into the sky.It was on my birthday and was the best gift of the day


  7. Tariku says:

    Woow, Sara! Great shot! You seem to enjoy life, good for you! We have a very beautiful country! You know what, l watched a documentary last Sunday on those migrant Pelicans in Greece and Macedonia. The birds spend spend the European winter in Ethiopia. May be around Ziway? Lucky them, they don’t need a visa. Never been to Ziway, I’ll definitely go next time. How long does it take to get there from Addis?


    • Sara P.G. says:

      Hey thank you so much Brother for your kind words. Almost 5 to 6 hrs drive to lake ziway from Addis Ababa, but for me I drove all the way to Hawassa (another beautiful city with amazing birds) spend few days there and stop by at Ziway before heading back to Addis. I really had great time and you should visit Ziway.


  8. Ajaytao2010 says:

    beautiful pictures


  9. fozziemum says:

    These are lovely pictures Sara and i would love to follow your blog,i am also interested in different countries and this is a perfect forum to do so,thankyou for liking my Pelican pictures too 🙂 and feel free to follow my blog with some interesting Australian Flora and Fauna 🙂 Bev.


  10. Very nice Love the pelicans.


  11. merga says:

    So many beautiful birds!! Really lovely post, and I didn’t know about ZIWAY. definitely amezing place to visit ,these are lovely pictures


  12. Joy says:

    Hi Sara, my colleagues and I walked down the jetty in Ziway this evening, and I took a ton of bird photos. Then looked them up online, as my East Africa bird book isn’t much good, and found your blog. Great! My colleague looked at your photo, and he’s convinced he saw you walking down the jetty today – December 16. Was that you? I love your photo of the pelican in flight! And of the hammerkop – I’ve seen a few of them, I think, but couldn’t identify (or photograph) them in flight.


  13. Joy says:

    Maybe wishful thinking on my colleague’s part. 😉 We had a grand time, went out to Tulu Gudu, saw more birds, all was great.


  14. IronMike says:

    Beautiful pictures! Do you know: is the lake safe to swim in?


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