Dorze Village: From My Ethiopia Bucket List


Few months ago I was being able to scratch “once a dream” off my bucket list. A fortunate Southern Ethiopia cultural journey made it all that possible and that was a visit to the amazingly green, naturally blessed, traditionally and culturally rich Dorze village and the warm and loving Dorze people.


A journey to the southern part of the country not only contains a chain of dazzling Rift Valley lakes that provide amazing bird life, beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife but also a kaleidoscope of colorful cultures.

The misty and cloudy Dorze Village is situated high up in the Guge Mountains, to the north-west of Arba Minch. The near town of Arba Minch is 510 kilometer from the Addis Ababa city and it is a two hours journey to the Dorze village from Arba Minch.  The journey up to the village itself is a beautiful experience just because it gives some magnificent views over Arba Minch and the Rift Valley lakes.


The moment I arrived at the village I cannot help being stunned by the famous Dorze huts that resembles a giant beehive.  The hut almost standing up to 12 m high, it is constructed with vertical hardwood poles and woven bamboo, it’s topped with a thatched roof of enset (Fasle-banana tree) leaves.


Most Dorze huts also possess their won little garden containing vegetables, spices, tobacco and Enset (False banana Tree).  Enset is also the stable food of the region and one of their regional delights is pita bread like called Kocho that made out of it and eaten with Kitfo (minced meat warmed in a pan with a spiced butter and berbere). So Delicious!!


Walking through this village is breathe- taking and one of the best moments of my life that I cherish for the rest of my life. Love it!


The other main thing that Dorze people are famous for is the very fact that Ethiopia’s best woven cotton comes from this village. The famous traditional 100% cotton Ethiopian “Netela” and “Gabi” with colorful border called “Tibeb” can be bought from their colorful Dorze market.


Entertained by cute Dorze Kids!


Well this is just a glimpse of the historical, cultural, beautiful and exotic country of Ethiopia. I am just blessed to see and experience this naturally, culturally and traditionally blessed Dorze Village a place which remain unchanged and unaffected by the ways of the modern world which is so refreshing!


Though I scratched the Dorze Village from my Ethiopian bucket list, I want to visit the place again because the landmark, the food, the people and the culture is so infectious.


And I hope the rest of the world felt that a little bit too!

About Sara Genene

I am a traveler... on an endless journey of self-discovery!
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13 Responses to Dorze Village: From My Ethiopia Bucket List

  1. So great to see these parts of Ethiopia..the village and area around it are really beautiful!


  2. Dear Sara,

    Lovely post. Would love to go there one day. I have a favor to ask. I have friends who will be in Addis and are really into music, particularly jazz. Could you recommend few places for them to go and enjoy the Ethiopian music scene?

    Warm regards,



  3. Ajay Kaul says:

    Very well captured. Thanks for sharing!


  4. thirdoracle says:

    thats a lot of very interesting pictures there… thanks for sharing your culture with us


  5. Anita Mac says:

    Wow – thank you for sharing such a great insight into Ethiopian culture and life….there is so much beauty there, so different than the glimpses of Ethiopia on the tv!


  6. chef mimi says:

    Somehow I missed this post! What beautiful photos, and what an experience. Incredible.


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