The Addis Ababa Beauty Shop Scene


Distinctive hairstyle that varies from ethnic groups and regions is one of unique features of Ethiopia, as the country is so exotic and diverse. The most reputable one is the tightly braided to the head and fussing out at the shoulder which the women of Amhara and Tigray wear. “Shruba” is the Amharic word for the braid.


There are many beauty shops in the city of Addis Ababa that range from the glamorous ones to the ordinary one room beauty shops. Today I want to give you a quick flick to the Addis Ababa beauty shop scene by taking you to this simple, one room but cozy beauty shop.


Yoti welcomed me with warm smile, she is the hard working Ethiopian business woman and the owner of this little beauty shop with a big dream of expanding and excelling  in this business.


Though the beauty shops got a western feel there are two main and Ethiopian things you find in many of them. The first one is, the very fact that most of the beauty shops specialized in the distinctive hairstyle of Ethiopia and different styles of “Shruba” which can definitely give you the exotic look of Ethiopia.


Since these beauty shops are one of the places where many Ethiopian ladies pamper themselves  besides accentuating the world acclaimed beauty, many of the beauty shops make Ethiopian Coffee with all its eloquent pieces and there is no such thing for Ethiopians that can make us feel home instantly so that is the second one.


And I was fortunate enough to arrive at the perfect moment and seep the world-class coffee at the beauty shop of Addis Ababa.


Yoti also kindly shared her thoughts she said “I use natural homemade beauty remedies for my clients like pure organic honey, egg, olive oil and organic fruits which you can find in abundance in Ethiopia at a reasonable price.”  And this is a definite plus!


Regarding hair style, since the rainy season is on its way in Ethiopia going back to basics to the Addis Ababa ladies might be a must, that means “shruba” is going to be in style then.


The rainy season in Ethiopia is June-September and it is at this time of year that you can spot creatively braided Ethiopian hairstyles.

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6 Responses to The Addis Ababa Beauty Shop Scene

  1. Ria Pi says:

    You can really see how pretty it is in that last picture. It seems like it would be impossible to get the same result with caucasian hair (is that the word for it? I don’t know).


    • Sara P.G. says:

      You are right, but it’s not that all impossible because I know that they are so creative and can come up with something beautiful for any type of hair:) Thank you for stopping by!


  2. Tariku says:

    Sara, great photo report! Thank you, sister!


  3. How did your hair look at the end of your visit?! We want the ‘after’ photo! 🙂


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