Sculptures In The Addis Ababa City


Addis Ababa features many historical sculptures which are situated at the different parts of the city, statues that gracefully adorn the city and being one of the tourist attractions of the city for long time now.

The Equestrian statue of Emperor Menelik II, Statues of his holiness Abune Petros, The Lion of Judah of Emperor Haile Selassie, Victory statue (Miazia 27), Martyr’s Monument (Yekatiti 12) are jewels for the capital city of Africa  (Addis Ababa).

But today I want to give homage to the ordinary but interesting sculptures that are hidden somewhere in the neighborhoods of Addis Ababa.  And of course, I also want to share few sculptures which are extraordinary but the ones that you only get to see them when you visit to one of the Historical Orthodox churches of Addis Ababa.

Let me start with my top 3 simple, ordinary and my favorites.  I truly believe these sculptures  perfectly represent Ethiopia.

The Beautiful Ethiopian women with the traditional hair style called “Shuruba”, wearing the traditional cloth “Yehager Libes” and pouring water to her traditional water pot “Ensera”.


Here is the sculpture that represents typical Ethiopian man, traditionally dressed and welcoming a guest to his home. This is Ethiopian Hospitality!


Well, this is something from the lively Piazza of the Addis Ababa City.


I hope you enjoyed the ordinaries as much as I did and now let me take you to one of the Historical Orthodox Churches. Bata (Saint Mary Church) where Menelik’s Mausoleum, Empress Taitu and Queen Zawditu are buried.


To Ethiopians Lion is the symbol of bravery and resistance.  Particularly, during the period of monarchy, the Lion was the icon of Imperial poise.

Last but not least, amazingly beautiful sculptures from the architecturally magnificent Trinity church which makes it one of the landmarks of the city.


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2 Responses to Sculptures In The Addis Ababa City

  1. I love that there is so much more to Ethiopia than expected! You’re doing a fabulous job highlighting the diversity 🙂


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