Victory Song from Addis Ababa’s Playlist


Yekatit 23, 2005 (March 2, 2013) is one of the historical days of Ethiopia. Besides being bright and sunny, the spirit of Victory that happened 117 years ago in Ethiopia already surrounds the city of Addis Ababa.

The city is being embellished with the green, yellow and red Ethiopian flag and is ready to host, a special ceremony to commemorate The Battle of Adwa that took place on March 1 and 2, 1896 between the Ethiopian Empire and The Kingdom of Italy near the town of Adwa in Ethiopia.

Local radio stations of Addis Ababa already start playing one of the Adwa songs from their playlist and no wonder that they picked the victory song called “Tikur Sew” from Ethiopia’s finest Teddy Afro’s Album, which released few months ago. It is also an Album, which he dedicates for Emperor Menelik, Empress Taitu and for all the unsung warriors of Adwa.

Though the song did not wait this long to be played over the radio when it first released, it is the perfect time for Addis Ababa to play it once again as if it has never been played before and making it the soundtrack of Ethiopia.

I guess it’s true that music is a universal language; and that’s one of the reasons why many people find it so hard not to hit the dance floor, when the DJ plays this particular song at the Addis Ababa nightclubs or parties of course, whether you are an Ethiopian or not.  That is one of the most interesting and entertaining moments, I witnessed and cherished.

It is the kind of song with the particular sound beats, which actuates us to honor, celebrate and remember the life of Ethiopian warriors not in sadness rather in happiness.  Since it is at the top of the playlist of Addis Ababa right now, I want the whole world to enjoy it and share this special moment with Ethiopia through this song.

Happy Victory Day!!!


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