The BIG SALE in Addis Ababa

As I was strolling down through one of the shopping districts of Addis, I was observing how Addis Ababa’s business people are attracting customers to their shop besides just opening up their doors.

Though there are many creative and unique ways people are doing business in Addis Ababa, on this particular neighborhood you just can’t help notice all those little boutiques that are opened up side by side almost selling the same thing and the interesting part is all the mannequins are outside almost covering up the shop and you just can’t pass them by without taking a glimpse if you are interested on not.

Luckily on this day, most of them were on Sale so, the creative way they came up with, in letting Addis Ababa Ladies, to know that they are on BIG SALE was eye catching and so entertaining.


The mannequins which their face covered up, with the printed out paper in Amharic “Talak Kinash” means “Big Sale”, and with the hand written price tag plastered on them are the ones that are wearing clothes which are on Sale.


And it works I guess, because I was witnessing many shoppers looking up the dresses without getting into the shop, without asking the shopkeeper for the price and it looked like they find it very convenient.


Besides the buyers, you can see people’s eye directed  to them whether by the colorfully dressed up mannequins, the big Amharic Word on their face or by the fact that they are all outside displaying the clothes.


Well as you can tell the mannequins with the face and no price tag on them, are wearing the new arrivals so if you are interested in them that means, you have to get into the boutique and find out.

Enjoy the “Talak Kinash”!

About Sara Genene

I am a traveler... on an endless journey of self-discovery!
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