Being Creative In Addis Ababa Cafés


There are many cafés in every parts of the city; ranging from very old, traditional, trendy to ordinary coffee shops, which all open their doors to locals and visitors alike, with their own unique style.

If you are a writer or some kind of content creator, who wants to use cafés to kindle your creativity, here is the good news; in Addis you can find different kinds of coffee places which beckoning you to write depending on your taste.

In Addis, Many cafés are opening up time to time and it seems like it’s not only about the coffee business anymore, but also, taking steps in creating lush grounds for creative geniuses too by setting up, free wifi for laptop users, making it cozy and comfortable.

Though it’s not like Paris, there are two important things that you can definitely find in the Addis Ababa Cafés when it comes to being creative in them. One is the fact that Addis is “coffee Paradise”, where you can find good coffee at many places and at reasonable price. Second, the real life show of the Capital City of Africa is so entertaining, inspiring and assures that the City of Addis Ababa is to creativity too.

In Addis Ababa most cafés are places where you can linger over coffee and chat with friends.  So, spotting many people sitting outside, having macchiato or coffee and talking with friends is the common scene off Addis Ababa Cafés. And usually after 5 p.m. almost every cafés are fully packed.

There are cozy little cafés in Addis Ababa which can be hidden gems for writers or content creators too; though having plenty of outlets for laptop users and the access of free wifi can still sometimes be an issue but I think they are worth to pay visit and I would love to give you quick-flick of which I think is one of the good Cafés in Addis Ababa for being creative in it.

This particular café has got big windows for regular glimpse of Addis Ababa’s real life show and let enough light into the room.


The fact that the café is situated a little bit far down from the main street, being not too crowded and not too extensive,  and its moderate background noise, gives it peaceful atmosphere and makes it cozy. It’s spotlessly clean. It has got a magazine stand-in Addis it’s a sign that encourage reading and writing.


I love the color choice, white and green; of course apple green is my favorite color but also studies shows that a green scene sparks creativity so I think it’s true and helps.

The coffee is pretty good and the food is good too, you have healthy bread and salad choices which I really like. But on this particular day spontaneity brought this on my table and was awesome.


Though the staff don’t bother you for sitting there for long, the unwritten rules like, leaving tip more than the usual, ordering more than one coffee if you decide to spend more than an hour and so applies in the Addis Ababa Cafés too .

One more latte, with the flower on it, won’t hurt right?


Well, I looked up through the window, and saw this Addis’s cute kid smiling at me, I think he can represent one of the best characters for the Addis Ababa City scene and he was photogenic so I decide to share him with the world and finishing up with his smile.


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6 Responses to Being Creative In Addis Ababa Cafés

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  2. This blog was of huge interest to us, naturally, being coffee lovers 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the cafe scene in Addis Ababa. We look forward to having coffee there someday!


    • Sara P.G. says:

      Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot to me, it really inspires me to keep on going and do more. I am also looking forward to have the best coffee ever with you when you come to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)!


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  4. nashdown says:

    I’m looking for a good cafe with decently fast wifi in Addis. What’s the name of this cafe? Thanks.


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