Plums-In Season In Addis Ababa

It is still the month of Tir in Addis Ababa, a month that already brought two fascinating celebrations.  Though twelve days left to say good bye to this opulent month; and just right after getting out of holiday fever and start thinking about to whittle post-holiday waistline, the month of Tir, once more unwrapped it’s present box and showing what’s in store for Addis. Awesome! It is exactly what we need.Image

After eating all those delicious Ethiopian dishes -which are certainly loaded with unsaturated fat- for the holiday, no wonder if it seems like the month of Tir is saying “It’s time to get healthy”.  And gratefully, a lot of people are taking advantage of this time of year, when you can find healthy and succulent fruit almost everywhere at reasonable price in the city of Addis Ababa.


People, who make a living out of small business, are also benefiting from this gift of Tir.  As usual, they are making it too tempting and making it too hard for the people who are passing by to resist by displaying their cart full of beautifully red plums out in the street, beneath the bright sun of Addis which makes the plums even more tantalizing.

Since they are part of the people who are playing a role in the spectacle of Addis’s street life, they are making it so convenient and affordable for everyone to enjoy this seasonal fruit.  Their price starts from  3birr for few plums to 10 birr for half Kilo plum. You might hear them saying Preem! Preem! Preem! In order to draw people’s attention toward them, and just so you know, they are not miss- pronouncing Plum, simply we Ethiopians call it, Preem that’s it.

If you are not fan of street food stands, no worries! Because every Addis Ababa City fruit places, are also commemorating the season by hanging up packed up plums, which are obviously little bit bigger and better quality. They are selling it at the price of 20 birr/kilo.


Addis’s restaurants, cafés and juice places are also partaking in reflecting the season while putting their hands up on the opportunity that Mother Nature brings, to wow their customers, by adding up – this rich in vitamins and minerals, low in calories, high in flavor, and void of fat seasonal fruit- whether into their salads, juices, pies, muffins, or desserts.

Along with the summer breeze, Addis Ababa is enjoying Tir’s generous gift of Preem.

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4 Responses to Plums-In Season In Addis Ababa

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  2. ideflex says:

    Vegetarians rejoice! So much lovely fruit – thanks for visiting!


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