BRUGGE: Hot Chocolate Seasoned With Love

Here is something from my Ethiopian wanderer diary.


While learning to merge with my first time winter experience here in Europe, I found myself, savoring delicious hot chocolate in a chocolate world and postcard like – Brugge.

“Love calls – everywhere and always. We’re sky bound. Are you coming?” Rumi

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Difo Dabo: Ethiopian Holiday Staple

It is that time of year again to be carried away by the smell of warming, earthy and fresh baking bread coming out from almost every Ethiopian house hold … waking up our sense of smell, spurring memories and filling us with Holiday spirit.


Although, the creamy, sweet, rich and vibrant Christmas cake I had almost two weeks ago in Bruges, Belgium on Christmas day is the opposite of Ethiopian holiday bread, but strangely enough lead me down to memory lane…


Walking through my neighborhood where I could see smoke coming out from households which are built next to each other, people rushing from local market back to home holding either Ketema (grass), Koba (false banana leafs) or Chicken.

I smell burning wood, false banana leafs, roasting coffee beans, baking Injera and bread while passing through the narrow lane – that is what I call Holiday Spirit as an Ethiopian.


One section on shopping list for many Ethiopian holiday celebration usually would be all natural, healthy and simple ingredients for baking Difo Daba.

Picking up whole wheat grain from the market for family who enjoys traditional way of baking Difo Dabo – which is my favorite and I must say worth the long processes of making Ye Sinde Difo Dabo (whole wheat bread) as the end result is originally delicious and healthy.


Because of the fascinating Ethiopian calendar, it is on Tahesas 29, 2009 (January 7, 2017) that Ethiopia celebrate Christmas.  While I am experiencing my first winter here in Europe, my heart keeps going back home to celebrate Warm Ethiopian Christmas Holiday – Leddet (Genna).


Happy Ethiopian Christmas!

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Ethiopian Wanderer At European Christmas Markets

Hello Everybody!

As a come back post, I would love to present you a photo essay of my first time European Christmas Market experience at Luxembourg, Trier – Germany and Bruges – Belgium.

As an Ethiopian Wanderer at European Christmas Markets, I choose to share with you the colorful, full of life and exciting  European Christmas Market’s spirit through Ethiopian eyes.



Vibrant Luxembourg Christmas Market.


Enjoying Gluhwein ( Mulled Wine) – European Christmas Market Staple.


Heading to Trier, Germany to experience European Christmas Market from the origin.



Traditional German dishes. Bratwurst – Type of German sausage. Reibekuchen – Potato Pancakes with apple sauce (my favorite).


Lebkuchen (Ginger Bread ) – Traditional German baked Christmas treat.


More Gluhwein obviously and collecting mugs!


Spatzle ( kind of soft egg noodle) is another culinary delicacy of European Christmas Market.



Saying Good Bye to Trier, Germany.


Hello Beautiful Bruges – My husband’s home town.


Oliebollen – a traditional Dutch and Belgian Food. Delicious!


Homemade Belgian Waffle with Chocolate is a must have treat at Bruges, as Belgians are famous for it and it is a chocolate world indeed!



Hearing electrifying gospel music by South African Gospel Singers at Luxembourg Christmas market was my favorite moment. It gave me goose bumps! so powerful!


Of course Belgian Beer! Cheers!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Luxembourg Through ETHIOPIAN Eyes

Spectacular architecture!




it was exciting to find ETHIOPIA on LUXEMBOURG menu. 



Moka d’ Ethiopie 


My adventure of discovering LUXEMBOURG continues….

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transition post

I am Embracing my transitional moment into the great unknown. I am being prepared to step out of my shell – to be sharpened and honed by UNCERTAINITY!

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In The Honor of Borderless Love!

Wedding Picture Sara and Bjorn

Honoring interracial marriage. We Are One!


Commemorating the everlasting memories of my brother BENIAM (Joni) – who is shining down on me from HEAVEN!


Celebrating three great men God bless me with. My beloved husband and my two dear brothers.

Thank you all for your best wishes and Love!

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New Chapter Of My Life

imagel Will be back very soon from my HONEYMOON. 

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